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We offer a variety of interactive programs to help you and your people to develop and enhance their talents and performance. We offer customized programs tailored to address the issues or areas that are most critical to your organization.  We also will assist you in handling other areas of your business where you feel your expertise is lacking or just don't have the staff to accomplish the task at hand.

Below is a general guide to the most common needs we help our clients satisfy, and the assessments that can be involved in those solutions. There are many possible ways to approach a solution and every organization is different. We prefer to first talk with you about your particular needs and together design an approach that will work for you. Please contact us for a completely risk-free consultation.

Workplace Teams

Building an effective, high-performing team requires more than simply throwing a group of outstanding individuals into a room and telling them they can’t come out until they have a solution. And maintaining an effective team requires planning, communication, and decision making. Assess individual strengths and weaknesses, build support, establish the conditions for effectiveness, agree on your goals—and you’re on the road to building a championship team.
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Leadership Development

Not all people in leadership positions are effective leaders, but they can be developed into excellent leaders. Some managers should also be trained and groomed to become future leaders.
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Employee Retention

Retain people through better selection and management.

Why improve employee retention?

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Strategic Talent Management

Strategic Talent Management is a process that ensures that your business has the right people in the right jobs at the right time to achieve your expected results. This discipline helps organizations understand their current state, forecast talent gaps, and take the necessary steps to close those gaps.
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Managing Employee Performance

Employee performance is a hot topic for many employers, but what is the secret to success?

Many factors contribute to employee performance, including:

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Resolving Workplace Conflict

Conflict at work is inevitable. Different people with different opinions will always result in disagreements and tense situations. Effective managers are able to take tense circumstances and turn them into opportunities for growth and improvement.
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Sales Talent Management

A highly productive sales force is the lifeblood of a healthy, thriving business. We help you select and manage sales professionals who will succeed in your unique culture.
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Customer Service Overview

Know your customer-facing employees.

Why assess customer service employees?

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Job Matching Overview

Although traditional hiring has focused primarily on evaluating a candidate's skills and technical qualifications, a competency-based approach includes an analysis of a candidate's behavioural characteristics as well. Competency-based hiring is grounded in the identification of core competencies required for success and the subsequent evaluation of each candidate's demonstration of those competencies in their past experiences.
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Succession Planning Overview

Your employees must be able to perform at their full potential in order to stay ahead of the competition. Your managers need tools and information to get the very most from their people.
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Onboarding Employees Overview

Effective employee onboarding has a positive domino effect: it ensures that new hires feel welcome and prepared in their new positions, in turn giving them the confidence and resources to make an impact within the organization, and ultimately allowing the company to continue carrying out its mission.
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