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a strategic business partner of Profiles International

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We offer customized programs tailored to address the issues or areas that are most critical to your organization and to assist you and your people to enhance and develop their talents and performance.

Leadership Development

Develop knowledge and skills that will significantly increase your personal effectiveness and ability to successfully interact and lead others. Never before have such diverse and critically important business, interpersonal, and leadership topics been combined into a training series with such impact.

Team Building

Develop the infrastructure of a high performance team by developing a charter, understanding customer requirements, diagramming work flow, setting goals and clarifying roles.

Personal Development & Effectiveness

Teach a set of behaviours that are beneficial at all levels of an organization. You will learn how to be the type of employee successful companies' fight to keep, by applying seven high-performance behaviours to their professional life.

Organizational Development

Learn the critical elements to enable you to diagnose your organization's current performance, prioritize opportunities for improvement and plan implementation initiatives.

Strategic Planning

Analyze the challenges and opportunities in your work environment and make conscious choices about how to deliver value to your customers and distinguish yourselves from the competition.

Professional & Personal Coaching

The talents and skill of every employee must be developed and utilized towards the corporate purpose. Although each individual brings with them a unique set of skills and talents these cannot be fully developed unless the corporate strategy has been effectively communicated to them. Once all employees are onboard and feel engaged, it is imperative that they are all moving in the right direction.

Workplace Investigations

Workplace problems such as policy breaches, bullying, sexual harassment, personal harassment, discrimination and other forms of misconduct, such as allegations of theft or fraud should lead to a workplace investigation, in which discipline or dismissal may ultimately need to be administered. It is imperative for all employers faced with one of these serious issues to handle the situation quickly, effectively and impartially. Independent, third party investigations are one of the most effective ways to ensure that the matter is dealt with in an impartial, fair and equitable manner. The ultimate costs of not handling one of these problems correctly can devastate and cripple a business, just in legal fees, let alone settlement costs.

If you become aware of any situation, that may expose your Company to litigation or loss of a valuable asset, please contact us to arrange a meeting. Trying to solve the problem in house, is not only time consuming, but is not cost effective and may still leave you open to litigation.

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