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a strategic business partner of Profiles International

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We work closely with our clients at all stages of their employee lifecycle process to enhance the productivity and performance of individuals, teams and organizations. Utilizing an advanced information process we help screen-out unsuitable candidates, recognize top talent, and identify opportunities to enhance performance and maximize their long term contribution to the organization.

As an Authorized Strategic Business Partner of Profiles International, the assessments provide you with information about your current employees and the people you want to hire. We can easily customize any assessment to address your company’s most pressing concerns and deliver a solution to help you to make educated decisions regarding your people, based on consistent, in-depth, and objective information.

Our goal is to bring value to our client’s lives, develop long term relationships so to become a trusted advisor and strategic business partner.

Mary Courtney Originally from Toronto, a graduate of York University, Mary Courtney has lived in the Waterloo region for over 20 years. During her 15 plus years in sales in the computer industry she garnered numerous awards, such as Rookie of the Year and Sales Representative of the Year. Mary consistently exceeded annual sales targets and significantly contributed to the team’s 40% growth, achieving Quota Club and President's Club awards. She has worked with many Fortune 1000 companies across Canada managing and developing business relationships with key people within the account. She consistently exceeded the customer's expectation, utilized her ability to listen to their business issues, recognize their values, and understand their market to provide the very best solution.

Subsequently Mary's area of responsibility included the launch of a new Service Sales solution, as well as coaching the sales representatives across Canada. This was a challenging assignment to the sales team who were used to relying on product specialists.

During her tenure as National Account Manager she:

Coaching and mentoring became a passion for Mary and ultimately led her to start her own business where she now uses what she has learned to help others to achieve their full potential. Mary’s purpose is to bring value to her client’s lives.

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Kerry Johnston

Kerry Johnston was born in Calgary, AB and grew up in London, England, Toronto ON, and Vancouver, BC where he spent some forty years before moving to Kitchener in 2001.  Kerry attended the University of British Columbia and majored in Economics. In 1969 he started working for the Royal Bank where he stayed for ten years, his last position being that of Assistant Manager - Credit.

In 1980 Kerry went to work for a compressor manufacturing company in Burnaby as their Comptroller and later as their General Manager in 1985.  During this period he oversaw a threefold increase in growth in both sales, and employees as well as acted as the General Contractor for their new 35,000 sq. ft. office, warehouse and production facilities.  In addition he installed a state of the art computer system and designed the software that would keep pace with the rapid growth of the company.
 In 1986 he also started his own consulting company.  Leveraging off the experience gained at the Royal Bank and manufacturing experience he consulted to a wide variety of small and medium sized businesses, assisting them in moving into the computer age as well as instructing them on how to run and maintain a profitable business enterprise. Clients came from a wide and diverse group and he was quite often recommended to come in to a business and asses it's viability by the Royal Bank. It was also during this time period that he became a close associate of the owners of Bedford Accounting (now called Simply Accounting) and consulted to them on an ongoing basis. In 1988 he also started the computer software company Bold Point Software Ltd. and remained active there until it's close in 2007.
Kerry has consulted with a wide range of businesses from the very small to such large and diverse corporations such as Canada Post.

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