a strategic business partner of Profiles International

a strategic business partner of Profiles International

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“The one on one's with Mary were a great help to me. She kept probing and questioning until we found a solution. I found her professional approach to be very effective. The Leadership Development course helped me in my development through open communications, trust and goal setting techniques finding the balance between all facets of personal and business life. It is definitely a working model for self discipline and points you in the right direction. It identified effective ways to achieve my personal and business goals. Built on the foundation set out by Mary we are now moving forward with better communications, goal setting and trust. It does make a difference in people's lives."

Paul Seibel CET GSC

ACL Steel Ltd.


“Training with Mary Courtney has empowered me to systematically increase our business effectiveness. I have already booked the equivalent of all of last year’s revenues in the first two months of this fiscal year; we are on our way to double last year’s sales performance. This is being accomplished while still maintaining a strong balance between all facets of personal and business life; which speaks to Mary Courtney’s holistic results-based approach to success."

Anthony Khoraych, P.Eng

Advanced Test & Automation


“Mary is wonderful! The context for her coaching is through the Results Centered Leadership course. She has allowed me to be ME. And she has re-enforced my good qualities which in a busy business life can be missed, or misinterpreted. She always brings me back to a positive thriving attitude.”


Heather Phillips
Vice President

Armstrong & Quaille Associates Inc.


"Mary, to get directly to the point, the course has been a great experience and well worth the money! . . . I found a working model that developed self-discipline for my personal and business life, through an extended course coupled with accountability!"

Bill Bustard

Bustard Chrysler


“Mary, as you know, I was ‘far too busy’ to even think about taking any courses, when you first contacted me. After reluctantly agreeing to devote some time for self improvement, and enrolling in the Leadership Development Course, I found effective ways to identify and achieve my personal and business goals. Thank you for pointing me in a direction that has enabled me to balance and to grow my business and personal life. No one should be ‘too busy’ for that kind of help!”

Randy Gondosch, P.Eng

Marcon Custom Metals Inc.

Relectronic Relech



We have worked closely with Marcourt Communications since 2005, and in that time they have become a trusted advisor for both business and employee issues.

They have helped us to successfully define and implement our growth and development strategy. Mary ensures that we stay on course, tracking our progress and kept us accountable to achieving our goals. The Profiles Assessment™ enables our managers to better coach their staff and build a stronger team who are engaged and share a common vision for Relectronic-Remech.

Jay Sutherland


Teknik Salon & Spa

Marcourt Communications has contributed to our success by working closely with us over the years to assist us with HR services such as the documenting and introducing the Company Policy and Employee manual. Preparing and ensuring the quality of the monthly newsletter has contributed to our success and is confirmed by the enthusiastic feedback from our clients, nominating and voting Teknik for The Record Reader Select Awards 2004-2011.

Joe Romeo

teknik salon & spa


". . . Mary, I also benefited from some of the other services that you offer, which includes the assessments and profiling, which can be done online. The information provided by profiling key employees to ensure the right fit for our employees, not only in position but personality as well. Your experience and knowledge was invaluable for us in this area, providing awareness of potential pitfalls as well as built in benefits based on the profiles of our employees and how they matched up with the database already in existence and job classifications . . ."

John J. Kraemer

Waterloo Manufacturing Company Limited

I’ve used Marcourt’s service in my role as Operations Manager in two organizations. Kerry and Mary were invaluable in assisting me in keeping the companies on-track and filling in the gaps where I lacked experience. The Profile's employee assessments helped me to learn how to deal in one on one, and team situations with my staff effectively, and allowed me to drive the team to a higher level of performance.

Kerry's assistance in areas such as Employee Manuals, Job Descriptions, Org. charts, roles/responsibilities were invaluable. Most importantly he coached me through the financial process so that I could manage the operations successfully.

I recommend them and am very pleased with the service and results I received.

Scott Jones

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