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a strategic business partner of Profiles International

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Working With Profiles Sales Solutions

Are you tired of hemming and hawing from sales trainers when you ask about the results you can expect? At Marcourt, we're not afraid to talk about results because we're completely results-oriented. In fact, our entire program is wrapped around an intensive Goal Setting and Action Planning process. We help you and your sales team identify the results you want to achieve and the right goals to set for Prospecting, Getting Meetings, Closing Deals, and Growing Relationships.

Cost-effective sales training that gets results? Yes!

Our eLearning programs teach the behaviours, attitudes, and actions that move the needles on the goals participants set, and our planning and practice tools put learning into application before they even complete the program. Our unique live facilitation and coaching methods reinforce the learning, increase goal accountability, and drive to the results.

Learn Why We're Better


  • Sales Specific
  • Valid
  • Online Not rehashed personality tests
  • Pre- or Post-hire


  • Best selling practices
  • Comprehensive
  • Results-oriented
  • Designed specifically for online learning
  • Online+Facilitated=Blended Learning
  • Five complete Sales Training Programs
  • Goal Setting and Action Planning

Performance Management

  • Goal Tracking
  • The Right Metrics
  • Train-the-Coach
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Profiles Sales Solutions: Mavericks in On-line Sales Training

Cost-effective sales training doesn't have to mean second-rate. Our curriculum is based on proven best practices that you can rely on, but our delivery method sets us above the rest. We aren't trying to re-purpose ...
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