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Profiles Sales Solutions Learning Center – Power, Simplicity and Convenience

Profiles Sales Solutions Learning Center is our state-of-the-art learning management system that facilitates all learning and support for our clients. If you can access the Internet, then you can access all of your learning materials and support. Below are some of the special features.

Course3 Your Learning Path

Based on the programs you enroll in, the Profiles Sales Solutions Learning Center clearly lays out all of the different modules that you will take and tracks your progress along the way. The system allows you to stop a module at any time and gives you the option to resume or start new.

ss02e-Learning Course Player

When you launch an e-learning module from Your Learning Path, it plays on our course player. You can progress at your own pace, pause and review concepts as needed. You're in full control. An actual module runs about 25 minutes and, factoring in workshops, a quality learning session usually takes less than an hour.

UnderstandingTesting Your Understanding

Once you complete the module you will take a brief 10-question quiz to test your understanding and that will count toward your certification. If you don't fully grasp a concept, you can review the module or seek help from our support forums or chats before re-taking a quiz.

transcriptYour Transcript

All of your testing will be done on-line through Sale Training Direct Learning Center, which tracks all of your different certification levels. You can access this information whenever you need it, and we retain records for 7 years to comply with event the most stringent C.E.U. licensing and compliance requirements.

live chat "Live Help" Technical Support

We offer technical support via our Live Help feature Monday through Friday, 9am - 7pm EST. If you have any technical difficulties, simply access this feature will get them resolved immediately by a North American based help desk associate.

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