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    In today’s workforce, team members are often distributed across vast geographic locations around the world.  This makes it difficult for managers to gain insight on how to effectively manage team members and be most productive. Profiles International has solutions that help team leaders with managing teams remotely so they can consistently and effectively obtain organizational objectives.

    Creating a Team‐Building Culture

    Creating a Team‐Building Culture

    Learn how to manage teams remotely.

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    Team Analysis

    Managing teams remotely continues to be a necessity for success. Profiles Team Analysis Report from the PROFILES MANAGERIAL FIT™ is designed to help you maximize the effectiveness of your organization’s teams through careful analysis of team dynamics.

    The Team Analysis Report helps team leaders understand team dynamics and get the most from every member to effectively achieve team goals. The Profiles Team Analysis Report:

    • Determines which team member would be the best to lead
    • Provides team leaders with the core characteristics of each team member and predicts how team members will work together
    • Gives leaders information to task team members with responsibilities that best fit their unique skills and abilities
    • Supplies team leaders with a blueprint for team development that delivers maximum results
    • Alerts leaders to team strengths, and important areas where the team may be lacking characteristics necessary for growth
    • Identifies competencies and characteristics that may be over-represented on the team, resulting in potential team conflict

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