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    The hallmark of a great leader is one who sets his or her successors up for success, rather than failure.

    However, in many companies this is not the case. Jim Collins, author of Good to Great, found executives who set their successors up for failure, chose weak successors, or both in over three quarters of the comparison companies in his study. Collins indicated that because of ego or what he calls the "Big Dog Syndrome," these executives did not leave behind companies that would be great without them.

    The Executive’s Guide to Strategic Workforce Planning

    The Executive’s Guide to Strategic Workforce Planning

    Learn how to ensure long-term success.

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    Performance Management

    Don't let your company fall victim to the "memory drain" when top performers leave or retire. To ensure your company's long-term success, it is important, as a part of your company's workforce performance management system, to think about career tracks for your employees that will match them with duties and responsibilities that maximize performance, employee morale, and company success.

    Evaluate Your Talent

    The PROFILE XT® “Total Person” assessment is a powerful solution to help you not only assess an employee's match with a specific position, but also evaluate their job match with a number of positions. A candidate's or incumbent's ProfileXT® data are compared with job-match patterns for a number of jobs and an easy-to-read report is displayed with job-match percentages for each of those positions, creating a powerful succession plan for the individual and the organization.

    The PROFILE XT® measures and predicts performance in essential areas where an employer needs to make the most effective promotion decisions. The PROFILE XT® utilizes advanced online technology that predicts job suitability and accurately matches people with the work they do now or in the future.

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