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    When bringing a new star into the office, keep in mind that it is always better to under-promise and over-deliver. Your current employees will get star envy if they feel like management is star struck.

    5 Lessons for Upgrading Talent with Outside Superstars

    5 Lessons for Upgrading Talent with Outside Superstars

    Learn now to bring in a new star employee.

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    Don't Create "Package Envy"

    If you land a big fish, don't expect everyone to be thrilled. Some people will not only be unenthused, but they might even go out of their way to sabotage the star just to prove a point.

    When you gloat about hiring the next savior, it won't be long before you hear the first rumours about the compensation package, and the special perks and concessions that were made to woo the star to join the team. We see this all the time in professional sports; when the superstar signs for super-dollars, the rest of the team decides that it's time to renegotiate contracts, hold out of training camp, or demand a trade.

    Nobody needs these distractions. Temper your enthusiasm, encourage the superstar to be humble, and keep all details of the deal strictly confidential.

    Build Credibility and Trust with Quick Wins

    Once the new star hire and members of his team come aboard, he must be willing to re-earn credibility regardless of his prior accomplishments and no matter how hard the organization courted him. Expect him to prove his value and gain the trust of his colleagues, and always communicate that expectation.

    It is easy to make large promises, but it is much more difficult to actually follow through. It is crucial that your new superstar deliver successful results and contribute to the organization in order to build credibility. Expect everyone to earn credibility in a new organization, regardless of their past accomplishments or reputations. If you can help them build momentum with some quick wins, then consider this to be a part of the onboarding effort.

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