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    In sales there is something called the "80/20 rule." This means 20 percent of a particular sales team makes 80 percent of all sales. Why is it so difficult to find sales people who year after year sell consistently? Profiles International offers the answer and solution to overcome the "80/20 rule."

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    America’s Most Productive Companies Large Sales Force Analysis

    Hire the best sales force.

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    Sales People Who Succeed

    Research shows it takes a special person with a unique skill set to make a good sales person. An organization’s high salesperson turnover reveals an ineffective sales selection and hiring process.

    About a third of potentially good salespeople will not be successful because their skills will not be properly developed, or they are selling the wrong product or service.

    Three ways PROFILES SALES ASSESSMENT™ helps hire, develop, and keep great salespeople

    1. Identify salespeople with the potential and experience for success.
      When hiring, the objective is to hire candidates with characteristics of top sales performers. PROFILES SALES ASSESSMENT™ accurately assesses critical characteristics essential to a great salesperson.
    2. Evaluate your current salespeople.
      PROFILES SALES ASSESSMENT™ recommends specific training needs to boost success assessment of your current salespeople.
    3. A more efficient onboarding process.
      PROFILES SALES ASSESSMENT™ reveals key strengths, weaknesses, and areas of interest that make placement, coaching, and training more effective. It also provides a report for sales managers that suggest how to best develop a solid, positive relationship with their team.

    PROFILES SALES ASSESSMENT™ is presented in easy to understand sales language, and allows sales mangers to generate management, placement-focused, or individual reports anytime day or night.

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