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a strategic business partner of Profiles International

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    The administration of assessments has changed significantly with the increased capabilities of web-technology. Profiles International continues to adjust its processes to match the newest and best technology in the assessment industry. The features on this page show how Profiles uses technology to administer the assessments, secure and protect the results, and provide assistance throughout the process.

    Profiles Assessment Center

    The Profiles Assessment Center (PAC) is the easy-to-use website that manages and administers the assessments you have purchased. The PAC contains an analytics dashboard that displays the status of each assessment and allows for simultaneous user access so you don’t have to worry about how many employees are taking an assessment at once. The PAC can be accessed from any computer so that employees and potential employees can take assessments at their own discretion. Profiles has also used the latest technology to ensure that the assessment results and reports work seamlessly with any applicant tracking system already established in your organization. After a few clicks of the mouse, you will be able to print out every report that you need for hiring decisions.


    Profiles International takes every possible step to ensure that the information and data from each assessment is protected from unauthorized users. The online Profiles Assessment Center (PAC) is encrypted and protected by firewall software that prevents every report from being misplaced or accessed by an unauthorized user. The information, data and reports that are created from the assessments are confidential between the employee or applicant and the management of the hiring organization. The PAC is a security measure in itself by allowing users to complete the assessments before or after work and at home. The way the PAC operates removes any risk concerning who will see the responses to the survey.

    Applicant Management System

    Profiles International now offers an Applicant Management System that allows you to organize and track potential employees through the pre-hire process. When considering multiple applicants for a job opening, it is paramount to keep all the resumes, letters of recommendations and cover letters in the same place. Profiles International now allows you to keep all of these documents online through the Applicant Management System. In addition to the normal documents required during the interview process, the Applicant Management System also easily integrates the reports from any Profiles’ assessments the applicants complete.

    Profiles Resource Centre

    Profiles International wants to make sure that your organization has everything it needs to maximize the use of assessments. In addition to a team of Client Services Executives, Profiles provides the Profiles Resource Center (PRC) for clients. The PRC is an online library of publications, reports, and other tools that can be used to help you use your assessments to their greatest potential. Let’s say you are having a difficult time understanding how to set up the job modeling feature. The PRC contains documents that help you set up the job modeling feature and understand the reports. The PRC also contains publications that help communicate details about the assessment process to your organization. These resources are valuable when instituting organizational change such as the use of assessments. The PRC is a dynamic resource available to all clients.