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Innovating the Talent Assessment Expierience: A Promising Engagement.

There has long been the argument that as long as the assessment measures the characteristics we are intending to measure, and does so with a high degree of reliability, validity, and sensitivity, then very little else matters. However, this belief is changing.

The field of employment and corporate assessment is not merely about building scientifically-sound tests; it’s really about better engaging people and realizing that the experience does matter—from beginning to end. It’s not enough to just assess personnel; the employee assessment process must continually engage every person in the process at the highest levels possible.

Simply put, the user experience matters.

How does a corporate assessment user’s experience impact the ability of a company to recruit or retain top talent?

Dr. Kurt Hulett’s white paper provides an in-depth discussion about the candidate’s experience from the moment they walk in HR’s doors. The document also explains the reasons for the creation of an authentic, meaningful assessment, the importance of a consultative culture, and much more.


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