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An Inside Look into Technology and Innovation in Corporate Assessment

Don’t Let Technological Innovation Get in the Way of Creating Precise, Accurate, Reliable, and Valid Assessments

With so much pressure to operate at peak performance in today’s corporate environment, corporate assessments are being used more and more to avoid hiring the wrong candidates. Corporate assessments help evaluate a candidate’s likely success in a particular job. They determine how well a person’s skills and abilities will fit a given position.

But some companies are getting sidetracked. They’re letting technological innovation get in the way of creating precise, accurate, reliable and valid assessments. The push for more innovative applications is pushing the science into the background.

Why is this such a cause for concern? What’s the best approach for companies wanting to use the most successful assessment tools?

Profiles International’s white paper provides an in-depth discussion on technology and its impact on corporate assessments. The document covers topics including market dynamics, the confluence of large and small companies, the four primary approaches large companies use to innovate, criteria for successful assessment companies, how to ensure technology does not compromise product innovation, and much more.

13 Essential Principles for Assessement Buyers

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