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The Elephant in the Room: 3 Issues No One Wants to Talk About, That are Impacting Leadership in Your Organization

What is the elephant in the room? It’s a situation that poses a significant threat to the organization. Everyone is aware of the situation, but is unwilling to openly identify or discuss. It’s the impact of today’s business environment on leadership inside your organization. It’s the one thing that turns highly effective leaders into efficient machines that can neutralize employee engagement. Why is the elephant allowed to hang around? There are many reasons elephants reside inside every organization. One of the most common is fear. Fear of hurting or damaging a relationship, fear that I might say something I’ll regret, and fear that I just might be perceived as negative or antagonistic. How do you remove the elephant from your organization? By learning how to corral the elephant and then by focusing on the leader’s role, their presence, and use of time.

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